Senior Artist

Jenny Gosal started her makeup career in 2005, at the age of 18. She admits that when client’s would inquire about her services back then, they had doubt about placing some of the most important days of their lives in such a young artist’s hands. As time passed, she accumulated years of experience and built relationships with many people. Since 2005, she has simultaneously earned a Marketing Management Diploma and successfully completed her BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) Degree in Human Resource Management. By combining her business aspirations with her talent for makeup & hair, she has built an empire from the ground up. The payoff is very rewarding she says, ‘to see the reaction’s on my client’s faces when I’m done… it is totally worth the focus and dedication that it takes to work in this industry.’

Jenny is professionally trained in makeup artistry and a completely self-taught hair stylist. She learned early on exactly what her clients required of a stylist and is proud to have developed those skills on her own. Jenny describes her artistic personality to be very laid back and relaxed and she shy’s away from putting pressure on her client’s. She feels that the hours leading up to some of the most important events in your life should be spent surrounded by positive and encouraging people, and she appreciates all of the clients that entrust her and her team on their special days.

If you know what you would like and expect from a Makeup & Hair artist, then she feels privileged to make your vision come to life. However, if you are new to this process, she is there to provide just the right amount of guidance and direction to help create your vision. Jenny’s team consists of dedicated artists that are truly committed to the same vision she has of making her clients feel absolutely stunning.


Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist
Winner, John Casablanca Institute, Award of Excellence in Makeup Artistry

My love for beauty, fashion and art had always been the driving force behind my passion for makeup and hair. I have always loved to play with colors and create something new. As a child I was always fascinated by makeup and hairstyles and always wanted to try them out. This was the perfect career choice for me.
I received my professional training in Makeup and was awarded as the best student of my class at John Casablanca Institute. I believe that "Makeup is magical and it’s amazing what all it can do". The best artist is the one that is flexible, considers the client’s needs and is never scared to experiment.

Bringing out your best features and making each client feel glamorous is my main goal. I have loved to be a part of this extremely talented team of artists and will continue to do so. This opportunity has given me a chance to grow as an artist and learn a lot more about the beauty industry. I am very delighted to be a part and extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity.


Hair Stylist

Jennifer Mathison is a hair artist who offers over a decade of experience in all aspects of hairstyling. She prides herself on attention to detail that will bring out the best in you. Jennifer is a passionate stylist who loves to create the perfect look for any occasion, ranging from basic to advanced designs.

She has always had a love and fascination for hair, this was made clear when at age 8, she set up a barber shop in her backyard and attempted her first haircut on her neighbour. Even at that young age after seeing the less than favourable result, she knew better than to keep going on the other willing neighbours. The barber shop was closed for business and she earned the nickname "hairdresser girl" from her amused Dad. Ever since, she's been trying to perfect the art of hair.

Hair Art Academy was where her training began, becoming a fully licensed cosmetologist. Honing her skills and always wanting to learn more led to receiving education through Aveda, Wella and Kevin Murphy just to name a few. Many years ago while acting as a bridesmaid in a huge wedding, a freelance artist came to the house to get the bridal party ready. She has now brought her talent and passion for hairdressing into the wedding industry, joining forces with Jenny Gosal. Learning specific skills such as tying chunnis has been so new and exciting for her.

I love working with this group of artists, Jennifer claims. It's so nice to be surrounded by people who are confident yet relaxed. We fit so well together and create a calm environment for our clients. Jenny Gosal is a multi-talented person who never ceases to amaze me, I look up to her and this empire she's created. I am truly blessed to be a part of this talented team.